The Lord will provide.

Genesis 22 ESV

The Sacrifice of Isaac Continue reading Jehovah-Jireh

God is the Great Rubik’s Cube Solver


I have never really gotten these Rubik’s cube things. I have played with several over the years, but never got around to solving one. I always saw people moving them so fast, and they must know some trick, because I really had to plan ahead and make calculated moves, like it was chess and I couldn’t go back if I regretted a move I made. I went slow, trying to see the end of the game, when each side would only have one color. 

This is the Lord. He is the best at solving Rubik’s Cubes.  Continue reading God is the Great Rubik’s Cube Solver

God is the Great Soldering Iron Wielder


When I was growing up, there must’ve been some sort of national initiative for science programs for younger students, because everyone I knew had to do a Science Fair project 4th and 5th grade. For 5th grade, you had to do a circuits project, so I did something with dog breeds. But the real fun was actually with the soldering iron. Continue reading God is the Great Soldering Iron Wielder

God is the Great Igneous Rock Maker 


My father almost became a geologist, so clearly I have a lot of expertise to be writing on this topic. I practically hold the degree. There’s two types of rock, at the end of the day. 

Sedimentary rock is almost always derivative of other rocks. Igneous rocks like granite are broken down into small pieces, transported downstream to the sea, where they form sediment beds and then under immense pressure from all that weight, it turns into rock. These sedimentary rocks are made out of particles of other rocks – so they are a patchwork of other identities. 

The other type of rock is igneous, made from a volcanic eruption, lava spewing and spilling out, and cooling to become rock. Igneous rock forms from molten rock, so picture a 1500-2000F degree, sudden, violent explosion…. it’s a fiery way to be born.  Continue reading God is the Great Igneous Rock Maker 

Capsule Wardrobe – Updated for Summer 2018

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I updated what my Capsule Wardrobe is looking like these days, so here goes! If you want to see my journey towards slower, more intentional fashion bought ethically to honor the hands that make it, and the earth that supplied the materials, and the God who made it all possible, read some of these posts:

Closet / Capsule Posts:

photo-1517502166878-35c93a0072f0.jpegRemember my closet is a MIX of old clothes that I have had for a while, not purchased ethically, and of new, ethically made, sustainably sourced items. Not only it is not feasible (financially or for brain space reasons) to have a complete turn over in one’s closet, but it’s not, at the end of the day, environmentally beneficial or ethical to do that – one of the main points of slow fashion is to decrease overall demand for clothes, and while I am replacing items that have worn out or don’t fit, I am hanging onto clothes that still work, until they don’t!  Continue reading Capsule Wardrobe – Updated for Summer 2018

It only took me 25 years: Anna teaches me how to do my Curly Hair!

I was born with platinum blonde curly hair. It has darkened over the years, no thanks to my interference with “Sun-In” and lemon juice and lots of harsh dyes. I also went redhead for 2 different seasons, and have had many different colored strands – pink tips, purple and blue strands, teal streaks throughout. These days I am sticking to whatever comes out of my head, which (when clean) these days is a golden dirty blonde.

My mom has beautiful straight blonde hair, my dad had curly dark hair when he was younger, so my sister got this sun kissed wavy perfection and I got this very curly craziness that I have had to wrestle with my whole life. I have not done it well, fighting it at every turn. Until now.  Continue reading It only took me 25 years: Anna teaches me how to do my Curly Hair!