ethical clothing brands

This is a resource I plan on updating over time, referencing lists other lovely people have made and adding to this list as my own research continues.

As I referenced in my capsule wardrobe post:

My friend Erin asked me how I defined ethical here, since many minimalists and individuals undertaking this lifestyle have different criteria. My “ethical” criteria are as follows:

  • company-wide practice of honoring every employee and treating them as valuable
  • paying them a living wage
  • ensuring safe and healthy work environment
  • not essential but preferably: women owned or majority women-run businesses, contributing to the creation of marketplace solutions where there would otherwise be none, and aiding the lives of women in additional ways like helping them escape the cycle of poverty, releasing from the shackles of human trafficking, or cultivating a brighter future: funding education, micro-finance loans, skill development, family nutrition, literacy lessons.

Other criteria were that the items purchased had to be contemplated for a month before purchasing to ensure that is what I wanted. I wanted to research the companies further and see their interactions and customer reviews.

Ethical brands I have purchased from:

I wanted to remember who my purchases benefited, how it made a difference in their lives, and where they were, so I could pray for them! I created this part of my wall:

Ethical brands to consider:

Other bloggers resources and lists:

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