Capsule Wardrobe – Updated for Summer 2018

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I updated what my Capsule Wardrobe is looking like these days, so here goes! If you want to see my journey towards slower, more intentional fashion bought ethically to honor the hands that make it, and the earth that supplied the materials, and the God who made it all possible, read some of these posts:

Closet / Capsule Posts:

photo-1517502166878-35c93a0072f0.jpegRemember my closet is a MIX of old clothes that I have had for a while, not purchased ethically, and of new, ethically made, sustainably sourced items. Not only it is not feasible (financially or for brain space reasons) to have a complete turn over in one’s closet, but it’s not, at the end of the day, environmentally beneficial or ethical to do that – one of the main points of slow fashion is to decrease overall demand for clothes, and while I am replacing items that have worn out or don’t fit, I am hanging onto clothes that still work, until they don’t! 

Tops (16):

Top Changes:

  • Retiring the maroon flowy top -> not actually getting worn since it doesn’t flatter my body type as well as I thought it did when I originally left it in my wardrobe
  • Might potentially retire the white patterned blouse since it’s really big and doesn’t get worn that often
  • Might want to add one or two tops with some structure and flow -> like a fit and flare, a bit like the peplum style but updated

Dresses (6): 

Dresses Changes:

  • 2 other dresses that don’t really fit me anymore, unfortunately, so they are getting retired -> below:
  • yellow and white striped fit and flare – spaghetti straps
  • blue cotton short sleeve dress (think Sound of Music hilltop)

Skirts (3):

Shorts (4): 

Pants (3):

  • Burgundy patterned flowy pants
  • Black flowy/ structured pants with tight ankle with white detailing
  • blue jeggings

Winter-specific pants (4):

  • black jeggings
  • 3 structured slim pants in olive green, navy, and black

Leggings (5):

Jackets / Sweaters (7):

Jackets / Sweaters Changes:

  • Had a blue kimono that did not fit me very well, and didn’t allow for much movement without major readjusting to the entire outfit, so wasn’t functional at the end of the day
  • Had another blue kimono that was not long enough to be useful for an overall outfit
  • Looking for a longer kimono – knee or floor length, that is not too intricate, but has some personality, while sticking to my overall closet palette and style

Knock around the house clothes:

  • Flowy blue patterned pants
  • grey linen pants
  • Tons of walk in love shirts
  • black patterned fringe shorts
  • more miscellaneous

Year-round shoes (5):

Summer-specific shoes (2):

Winter-specific shoes (2):

Shoe Changes:

  • Retired my black Nike sneakers
  • returned my Sseko Rue accent caramel sandals -> were impossible to figure out how to wear properly, unfortunately!

Bras (10) and Undies (35) and Socks (8):

Bras, Undies, Socks Changes:


  • hats: burgundy felt hat, tan felt hat, 3 caps
  • scarves: teal, pink, blue patterned
  • volunteer shirt(s) – 2
  • PJs – 3 big knee length night shirts
  • hiking boots
  • robe from Sudhara

Extras Changes:

  • Would love to consider getting a matching shirt and short set for sleep this year!

Travel specific clothes:

  • Black swimsuit
  • Swimsuit coverup
  • Several floor length maxi skirts
  • 2-3 fishing shirts
  • 2 pairs of hiking shorts
  • 2-3 high neck short sleeve shirts
  • 1 pair of swim shoes

Bags:Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 3.36.11 PM




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