God is the Great Igneous Rock Maker 


My father almost became a geologist, so clearly I have a lot of expertise to be writing on this topic. I practically hold the degree. There’s two types of rock, at the end of the day. 

Sedimentary rock is almost always derivative of other rocks. Igneous rocks like granite are broken down into small pieces, transported downstream to the sea, where they form sediment beds and then under immense pressure from all that weight, it turns into rock. These sedimentary rocks are made out of particles of other rocks – so they are a patchwork of other identities. 

The other type of rock is igneous, made from a volcanic eruption, lava spewing and spilling out, and cooling to become rock. Igneous rock forms from molten rock, so picture a 1500-2000F degree, sudden, violent explosion…. it’s a fiery way to be born. 

Both take time, but where sedimentary rock can see the layers coming down on top of itself, igneous rock is more like being a frog in a boiling pot – you don’t notice the rising temperature until you are too hot to escape. 

This is the Lord. 

He picked us, chose us before the foundation of the earth. He surrounds us with His love, His people, His provision, His protection, His loving correction, until suddenly (even if it was gradual from our perspective) we are enveloped in His perfect grace with not only a full knowledge of what He has done for us but a true understanding of what it means, the life we now get to lead in light of what has been revealed when the scales finally fell from our eyes. It brings us to our knees and at times feels like things get stripped away and taken and new things are added and it’s painful, but the transformation is beautiful. From being derivative of other rocks, conforming to society and the culture around us, sin keeping us stuck in a rut, cycling around an unoriginal life, to being guided and inspired by the most Creative Creator. From dormant matter, asleep to abundant life, kept in darkness, then in a momentary burst of light, thrust into the light, into a new reality. He takes what has been prepared and wooed and loved and seen in darkness and loves us into the light, and at times we can resist the bone level changes His holiness coaxes out of us, Holy Spirit driven new creation being born over and over until we are with Him. 

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:

The old has gone, the new is here!”

– 2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV




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