God is the Great Soldering Iron Wielder


When I was growing up, there must’ve been some sort of national initiative for science programs for younger students, because everyone I knew had to do a Science Fair project 4th and 5th grade. For 5th grade, you had to do a circuits project, so I did something with dog breeds. But the real fun was actually with the soldering iron. With parental supervision, we had to create a circuit board, and I just remember being taken with the way the iron just seemed to bond and meld things together that were previously separate and divided. I began to see the world through a soldering lens. I would walk on the sidewalk and where it had cracked and broken, I would aim my finger and close my eye and pretend I could solder it new, and the hot metal would fix what had been broken. When I heard of a rift in relationship between two of my friends, I imagined their lives from a bird’s eye view, and would solder them back together. Wars over border lines? Soldering Iron’ll fix that. Hurricane bust through a levy? Not to fear, Soldering Iron is here. Obviously these things didn’t happen in reality, but I couldn’t shake the idea that if life had an equivalent of a soldering iron, we could all rock this life thing a little bit better. 

In a better way than I could’ve ever imagined, God is wielding his Soldering Iron. 

For those who He uses an instruments, He melts our hearts, breaking our hearts for what breaks His, and puts us in places, equipping us to meet needs. Giving my friend Dyann a heart for those who don’t yet know God and putting her continually in front of West Dallas, Haiti, her family, and the young adults she meets weekly, He has equipped her and is soldering the world back together with His daughter. For a new mom, He gives her a song her toddler can gurgle along with instead of a meltdown over spilled goldfish. He can use anyone and anything to bring about His purposes, and if He is doing anything, He is playing the long game. There is so much broken in the world: divorce, human trafficking, poverty, hunger, materialism, pornography, opiate addiction, abortion, slavery, racism, sexism… What is He doing about that? Everything. He sees the brokenness and pain and where the world has been rent in two over tragedy and where the battle lines are drawn and where we fall short. He’s coming back to fix this all completely, friends. And in the meantime, He is using you, and He is using me, giving us hearts for the world around us, equipping us and placing us intentionally to meet needs, to solve problems, and to take part in His large story of long redemption. 

“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out,

that times of refreshing may come from the Lord…”

Acts 3:19


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