A Cleaner Life… One Step at a Time


As someone who has chronic illness and autoimmune conditions, I know I should be doing everything I can to help out my body and set my health on the right track.

But my health is not my full time job, not is it my full time interest. So I am just trying to make the next best decision I can. I just try to do the next right thing. 

AIP Abroad – Eating AIP in a Third World Country: It is Possible. 

Eating AIP in a Third World Country: It is Possible. 



I have been eating strict AIP (Autoimmune Protocol or Autoimmune Paleo) for 467 days now. That’s close to 67 weeks, close to 1401 meals. I’ve probably cooked all but 10-12 of those myself (shoutout to Shannon, Kaitlyn, Kandice, and Mom for those awesome meals). 

I have also, in that time, done a week hiking trip in Utah in the summer of 2017, a week-long mission trip in Haiti in January 2018, and 10 days in Israel in April 2018. All while being strict AIP. 


A lot of people’s advice around domestic travel, even international travel, and restricted eating, goes like this:

  • Do lots of research on the restaurants and grocery places near where you’ll be staying
  • Pack some snacks
  • Book an airbnb or hotel room with a kitchen so you can prep your own food 
  • immediately go get tons of fresh fruit and veggies and any AIP compliant snacks from the local shop

Except, what if there is no local shop? 

closet: spring / summer 2017 capsule, with ethical upgrades and additions!

So as I have alluded to my reasons so far in my first two posts about my closet: the mess I started with, and how I went about changing it, but let me reiterate a crucial point: I am not fashionable. I guess I have a “style” since I wear clothes and have a certain aesthetic taste, life priorities that shape my decisions about what I wear and how I spend my time and money.

what do you do with the rest of your clothes once you go capsule?

You might remember this big pile of clothes from this post, where I dive into my “style evolution”! That phrase is still hilarious used in the context of who I am as a person – not one concerned about fashion or clothes, but deciding to make a change for the better, intentionally simplifying and using my clothing purchases to impact the world for good.