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ethical clothing brands

This is a resource I plan on updating over time, referencing lists other lovely people have made and adding to this list as my own research continues. brandscapsuleclosetclothingethicalminimalismMinimalistwardrobe

my style evolution (what, I have style? yeah, surprised me too)

My journey to a (slowly-evolving ethical) capsule wardrobe // part 2 Find part 1 here, where I explain my closet before project 333 and how project 333 went. So on April 3rd, 2017, I got home from a Friday-Sunday retreat around noon and opened the door to my hall closet, shuddered, and shut it again. brandscapsuleclosetclothingethicalminimalismMinimalistwardrobe

Closet, Simplified

My journey to a (slowly-evolving ethical) capsule wardrobe.

As a precursor, I am not a fashionista, nor am I someone who pays attention to or adheres to trends. I am just a big fan of the “just-in-case” approach to life.