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The Lord will provide. Genesis 22 ESV The Sacrifice of Isaac abrahambiblechristchristiancommentaryel roifaithfathergenesisgodHebrewisraelissacjacobjehovehJerusalemJesusjirehlordmatthew henrymoriahmt moriahofferingprovideprovidersacrificetattoothatsdarlingwomen of the wordwordYHWHYireh

God is the Great Rubik’s Cube Solver

I have never really gotten these Rubik’s cube things. I have played with several over the years, but never got around to solving one. I always saw people moving them so fast, and they must know some trick, because I really had to plan ahead and make calculated moves, like it was chess and I…

God is the Great Soldering Iron Wielder

When I was growing up, there must’ve been some sort of national initiative for science programs for younger students, because everyone I knew had to do a Science Fair project 4th and 5th grade. For 5th grade, you had to do a circuits project, so I did something with dog breeds. But the real fun…

God is the Great Identity Giver

In Texas, you can start taking driving lessons at 14 if you make some certain date of birth cutoff – which I did. So at 14 I learned how to drive, at 15 I got my permit, and at 16 I got my license. I could not wait to drive. faithgivergodidentityJesus

God is the Great Igneous Rock Maker 

My father almost became a geologist, so clearly I have a lot of expertise to be writing on this topic. I practically hold the degree. There’s two types of rock, at the end of the day.  Sedimentary rock is almost always derivative of other rocks. Igneous rocks like granite are broken down into small pieces,…